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Anti-Failed Presentation Tips After a Long Vacation

Vacation is over, it's time to go back to work. For those of you who work may need to prepare the documents or prepare materials for the presentation of a new project or task.
However, talking about the presentation of some people talking in public can be a scourge of its own. In fact, presentation can be an important capital in every opportunity. In addition, it can be one of the skills that need to be mastered. Not only in the world of work, in the environment is necessary.
Well, for a presentation that can amaze the need for preparation. Here are tips for those of you who want to learn boldly appear in public speaking before the presentation.
The purpose of the presentation
Before the presentation, you must know the purpose first. Starting from a presentation that aims to provide information about something, a presentation to persuade people, or just to entertain.
After knowing the purpose of the presentation, you need to know about the audience. Audience represents a particular cla…

How To Easy Caring For Leather Item Items

Leather materials contained in fashion items such as bags, waist straps, shoes, up to the jacket you have, of course, have their own way of care. Not infrequently, this leather is damaged due to wrong treatment. Therefore, the original leather does need extra care to stay durable as quoted from

If you have free time, try to regularly apply a special cream of leather material. This cream you can buy in specialty shoe stores. However, there is no harm in making your own shoe cream at home. Like what?

Materials needed are olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax. The way is quite easy, grate beeswax, then enter into the bottle. Then, boil the beeswax in the bottle until it melts and pour it on the container. Mix with olive oil and coconut oil, leave to harden.

Once the home-made cream has become, regularly apply this cream to various fashion items made from leather that you have. Guaranteed shoes, bags, your wallet will be more manicured and durable.

Intelligent Manual For Perfect Skin From Head to Feet

Skin can be regarded as one of the most magical organs, because it protects your whole body from top to bottom. Because the skin covers all parts of the body, do not be surprised if everyone is competing to find a way to keep skin maintained perfectly. Are you one of them?

Launched from, Wednesday (07/19/2017), here are some steps to keep skin perfect from head to toe. Curious?

1. Forehead
To eliminate the fine lines that begin to appear in the forehead, try using a retinod cream that contains vitamin A, helps the skin build collagen. Try doing that for three months.

2. Eyes
Collagen contained in retinod cream can also help smooth the skin around the eyes. The best treatment to deal with dark circles under the eyes will depend on the cause.

If the cream can not remove the circle, then the problem is the pigment. However, if there is a change of color from purple to brown, this could be because the blood vessels are more transparent with age.

3. Lips
Unlike the skin on the other sid…

Do not Regret, It's 20 Gains Still Single Today

No, being a single is not always bad. Single also means you can really grow into an independent person, not always about feeling sad and lonely.

If you still feel bad with the single status, here are some advantages, as quoted from, Thursday (7/20/2017). Curious?

1. Fantasy about everything without shame.
2. No need to compromise with anyone.
3. Can watch movies with anyone who wants.
4. Can travel wherever you want, without worrying it will affect others.
5. Have more time to practice hobbies.
6. No need to share space with others.
7. There is not much work to do, because you will only do parts of yourself.
8. No need to ask permission to anyone if something happens, like coming home late office.
9. Do not be embarrassed when yourself is in a bad state when you become a single.
10. Can watch the desired television channel, without considering the wishes of others.
11. No need to share a bed.
12. No need to pretend to like something you do not really like.
13. Can buy whatever yo…

No Should Be Tired, 9 Reasons You Should Keep Sleep Time

Yes, as you know, in the midst of various activities, sleep can be a challenge in itself. But it turns out, various studies and supported by statements from some experts, adequate sleep time and quality sleep will bring many benefits for you.

If until now you still have problems with the same thing, here are some reasons why sleep should be your main concern, as quoted from Curious?

1. Improve memory capacity
Research shows that sleep can improve the ability of short-term memory, which can also help you maintain an information.

2. Improving mood
A study conducted in 2015 found that lack of sleep can make a person difficult to manage his own emotions. This means more time to sleep means the mood is also happier.

3. Increase sex drive
Research shows sleep deprivation can cause erectile dysfunction and low libido. More sleep and sex will be the one thing that makes your life better.

4. Prolong life

Research shows that lack of sleep is also associated with short lifespan. Adequ…

How to End a Relationship Love?

Ending an affair is not an easy task, it sometimes feels very difficult and painful. For many people, breaking up is the most avoidable thing.

However, actually breaking up can also provide valuable lessons. Reporting from, Thursday (20/7/2017), the end of a relationship will give you a chance to learn from mistakes, as well as pushing something better in the future.

Hearing the word end may be simple. However, the fact is you have to deal with emotions afterwards. Maybe you are also one of those people who just avoid emotions after separation occurs.

Instead, you must allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise after separation, whether anger or sadness. By feeling all the emotions that arise, you will have the power to learn, move, and heal yourself.

If you have passed the times of understanding emotions, the next thing to do is to express forgiveness to a former lover. Remember again the feeling of love you have for the person at the beginning of the relationshi…

3 This Zodiac Needs More Learning to Empathize

Understanding others is not easy, including for all the zodiac. Because, others do not necessarily explain what is thought or felt to you.

Moreover, not everyone has the ability to empathize well. Although their goals are good, but not necessarily they can behave as needed by others.

It is as simple as their lack of ability to understand what other people need. Or they focus too much on themselves.

Launched from the pages of The Open Mind, the following zodiac who needs to learn more to understand others.

It's common knowledge, this zodiac is happy to be the center of attention. They love to be cared for and love themselves. However, they sometimes forget to pay attention to others, even people they care about. So they need to deepen the feeling of empathy for others. They must realize that no one can live without others.

This zodiac is often lost in his own mind. Even others are considered to fit the version in their minds. The tendency to judge others makes it difficult fo…

5 Things That Can not Be Trivial On Lecture

As is known, the lecture is a period of preparation before entering the workforce. But in fact, not a few students who underestimate this stage so regret later.

As quoted from, there are some things that are often considered trivial during college, but in fact important when it entered the world of work. Try listening, lest you include who underestimate these things.

1. Time
Time is money. This phrase is so well known, but usually just in the left ear and out the right ear. In fact, many students are often late to come to class.
Even worse when it comes late when the exam. Automatically, the time to work on the problem becomes more limited. Yet when working, timeliness is very important.
From the simplest, ie to work. If late, must be recorded by the system and will affect the assessment. If often late, do not expect a career to be smooth or salary rise like other co-workers.

2. Networking
Networking or networking is vital. From the network it can appear the opportunity to liv…

Uncompromising, Beware of 3 Zodiacs

Patience is a trait that must be possessed by man, regardless of the zodiac he possesses. Because, what happens in life may not always be as expected. However, the limit of patience of each person is different. Some people are so patient, some are not.

Launched from the page of The Open Mind, impatience can also be seen from the zodiac. As is known, according to the science of astronomy, certain constellations can affect the nature of each zodiac.

There are some zodiacs that have short patience. So if you are dealing with it, you should be more patient, and of course ... faster!

This zodiac motto should be, "now, now, and now!". Because, they tend to be very impulsive and impatient, even the most childish of all the zodiac.

They also have a bad nature that does not like listening to the ideas of others, except their own. So they tend to impose their ideas.

The nature of perfeksionis he has often make the Virgo impatient with what others do. They always want to interfere…

Unusual Makeup Trends That You Should not Try

Beauty trends, especially makeup is very diverse, ranging from simple to slightly extreme. Like some makeup trends quoted from the Bright Side, Wednesday (19/7/2017) following. If you are not among those who dare to play with makeup colors, you should not try to do it. Curious what?

1. Lips dark and oily

To create a lip look like this, you need a very dark color lipstick, shimmering eyeshadow and lip gloss. Excessive, is not it?

2. Touch of glitter on the hair

At first glance it looks funny, but how to clean hair afterwards, huh? It must be hard work.

3. Colored eyebrows

Dare to try colored eyebrows? If indeed interested in trying this one makeup trend, simply combine with nude color lipstick.

4. Makeup 'fatigue'

Wearing makeup certainly want to cover up the shortcomings, is not it? But, this one makeup just give the look of eyes like fatigue.

5. Unicorn eyeliner

Unicorn is a trend in social media, but if you are not including people who dare to play with eyeliner model, you should not …

7 Rituals You Can Do At Home Acne Skin Acne

If you are struggling with acne prone skin, calm down, you are not alone. Beauty rituals for acne prone skin should not cost much, because you can do it yourself at home.

Quoted from, Thursday (20/7/2017), here are some simple beauty rituals that you can do from home for acne prone skin.

1. Baking soda
Kitchen materials this one actually has great benefits for acne prone skin. Combine baking soda with water until it becomes a paste, apply it in acne area and wait for 15 minutes.

In addition, you can also mix facial cleanser products are commonly used. But remember, that baking soda can make the face dry, so after applying it, immediately use a facial moisturizer.

2. Aspirin
Aspirin contains ingredients that can make your facial pores clean. In addition, aspirin can also help the inflammation that occurs due to acne.

Destroy some aspirin tablets and mix with water. One tablet for two tablespoons, apply on face for 10 minutes. You can also add honey to soothe pimples that are being…

Parenting Couples Who Do not Like Couples Before Marriage

As you know that marriage is not just about love for couples, but also families. Getting married means that you not only unite yourself with your spouse, but also your whole family.

Differences background is not not cause any problems, this can be great, if you have no way to get around it. Quoted from, Tuesday (18/07/2017), one thing that parents think when they know his son is dating someone else is that person should be the best figure.

When married, of course you expect parents to know that you really love the couple, and vice versa. In fact, that does not always happen before marriage takes place.

If you have seen the tension between the couple and the parent, give them time to get to know each other. Do it now, because there's no better time to do it.

You do not have to side with either of them. Make sure that your spouse and parents understand that all you want is to build a harmonious family in the future. One thing you have to remember is that it takes time.

Just as…

Skin Changes That Occur After You Stop Drinking Coffee

Are you one of those people who should drink coffee every day? If so, did you realize that coffee also has an impact on the skin?

Of the many articles you've read, perhaps one of the most popular suggestions is to stop drinking coffee to keep the skin. In short, coffee has a level of caffeine acid that can disrupt hormones, including stress hormones that control oil production on the skin.

In addition, coffee can also cause dehydrated skin if you drink too much. Believe, though time consuming, stopping drinking coffee can help you control the acne out and make the skin smoother.

Clearer skin changes will be visible at the moisture level. A few weeks after you stop drinking coffee, try checking the normally greasy faces.

However, does stopping drinking coffee really have to be done? If you really can not live without coffee, drink it occasionally, no problem.

There will be times, after a long time stop drinking coffee, one cup of coffee will make you feel strange. So now how many cups o…

Terrible, This Man Never Brush Teeth up to 20 Years

Of course this should not be replicated and very disgusting. As we know that brushing your teeth is a mandatory routine that must be done after meals and before bed. Maintaining dental hygiene is very important to avoid the damage and bad breath, but not for this British man.

Quoted from Seventeen, Tuesday (18/07/17), Jay, 21-year-old man is eliminating the habit of brushing his teeth in his life for almost 20 years. Means that if counted, Jay never cleaned his teeth since he was born. Himself also has the wrong eating habits and consume lots of soft drinks. Can you imagine yourself how dirty and damaged teeth are owned by Jay?

Jay signed up for The Embrrassing Bodies and asked his teeth to be cleaned and repaired by dentist James Russell. Eleven Jay's teeth were removed and it took five months to fix the remaining teeth.

5 Things You Can Do to Earn Money When Retiring

At work, we still dedicate our time and effort to giving our best to the company. But when retirement comes, is it true that it is time for us to rest completely and enjoy the hard work?

Indeed many say that retirement is always synonymous with the period in which we are old, physical condition weakened, many diseases, and quickly forget. It is this suggestion that is a suggestion to encourage us to become unproductive.

In fact, not everyone experiences these conditions. Many also the brain and physical work is still well despite being retired.

If you are one that belongs to the "capable" group, there is no harm in utilizing retirement time to perform productive activities.

Not only can "kill" time and maintain health, these activities can also increase the coffers of your money after the retirement.

As quoted from, here are some activities you can do to earn an income when it is retired:

1. Become a lecturer and teach

If we have a Master degree and a myria…

Ambitious, This Zodiac Do Anything to Get It

Desire is always in man, whatever the zodiac he has. However, among all the zodiacs, there is also a strong desire and willing to do anything to make it happen.

In fact they do not hesitate to trick others into doing what they want. Although this is only a tendency that they do not necessarily do.

Launched from the pages of The Open Mind, Tuesday (18/07/2017), there is a bad nature of every zodiac you need to know, one of them is doing anything to get something desired, even manipulate others.

Not all zodiacs have this property, only a few of them are as follows.

This zodiac has a strong desire for something. So the terms "let it go" or "go with the flow" are not there for them. Nor will they think twice about exploiting someone for their benefit.

The power of Scorpio in manipulating can be greatly felt by the people around it. They do it of course to get what they want.

This zodiac has a charisma that is hard to resist. Unfortunately, they also often …